UK Map showing location of Kidderminster

GB3KD, operated by Kidderminster Repeater Group, is a 2 metre repeater, which has the facility to use Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) technology to link Amateur Radio stations together via the Internet.

RF users in the service area of GB3KD may use the repeater to talk with each other, with RF users near other gateways and repeaters, and also with computer-based users.

On this site you will find lots of information about GB3KD, including the latest news and status, its ongoing history and RF service area

The Requirements page gives information about the sort of equipment needed to work GB3KD, commands lists the DTMF commmand sequences, operation tells you how to operate it, and etiquette details some of the do's and don'ts.

Please visit our support page, which tells you how you can help the project and provide feedback. The links page contains links to extra information, such as the UK Internet-linked gateways and repeaters list and other related sites.

On a lighter note, why not check out the Rogues Gallery of KD users, read some of the poetry and daft things overheard on GB3KD, play some Repeater Games, follow the Adventures of Fatman or catch up on the gossip in the sucessor to our esteemed but sadly defunct e-tabloid Not The KD News